Welcome to BuggyFreaks, this web site was built for Rich Bowlsby and Dan Hecker to have a place to put up pictures and videos of their Sand Cars. If you have any questions or comments you can e-mail me. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to check out the forum, Happy Duning!

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Rich Rich's Tech3


·2004 Tech3 Motorsports Chassis, 18” Travel

·Rear Engine; 2.0L Subaru Turbo, Upgrades From Outback Motorsports & Extreme Turbo Systems

·Pro Built 091 VW Bus Transaxle By: Mark’s Sand Trans

·Custom Billet Brackets By: Hecker Machine Works, Inc

Dan Dan's Tech3


·2004 Tech3 Motorsports Chassis, 18” Travel

·Rear Engine; Turbo Charged Honda 3.5L Vtec

·Megasand 4E Transaxle

·Powdercoating By: STB Coatings

Ricky D Ricky D's Tech3


·Tech3 Motorsports Chassis, 18” Travel

·Mid-Engine; Corvette LS1 (450 HP)

·Mendeola 2D Transaxle

·Powdercoating By: STB Coatings

Rick Rick's Tech3


·2004 Tech3 Motorsports Chassis, 16” Travel

·Rear Engine; 2.5L Subaru Turbo, Upgrades From: Outback Motorsports

·091 VW Transaxle Stage 8 By: Transform

Brian Brian's Buggy


·2006 MillerBuilt 20" Rear and 22" Front Travel

·Rear Engine; 5.7 LS1 (450HP)

·Mendeola 2D By: Mark's Sand Trans

Tim's Buggy


·Rob Smith Chassis, 16" Travel

·2 Seat Rear Engine; Honda 3.0 V-Tech

·Trans 091

·MP3 Sound system

·Easy Button

Scott's Buggy


·2007 Desert Dynamics Dual Sport, 18" Front and 20" Rear Travel

· 4 Seat Rear Engine; 5.7 LS1 (450HP)

·Radio with Car to Car

·Mendeola 2D: Built by Mark's Sandtrans

·PCI Ultimate

Dave's Buggy


·Rob Smith, 20" Travel

·2 Seat Rear Engine; 2.5 Turbo Subaru with Intercooler

·Mendeola E

Jam's Buggy


·2008 Rooster Rail, 20" Front and 18" Rear Travel

·5 Seat Rear Engine; 3.0 Honda V-Tech

·091 Tranny with close ration weddle gears

·PRP Seats

·Powder Coating by Advantage Powder Coating

Ben's Buggy

"Banshee Ben"

·2008 S&S, 24" Front and 22" Rear Travel

·Mid engine; Boosted 392ci LS6

·Mendeola S4

Jace's Buggy


·Chenowith 1915 VW

·Weber 40's

·MP3 Stereo system

Dan's Buggy


·2007 Rob Smith Chassis, 18" Travel

·2 Seat Rear Engine; 2.5L SOHC Subaru Turbo with Outfront upgrades

·Built 091 Tranny

·Powder Coating By STB Coatings

·MP3 Sound System

Kevin Kevin


·2007 Wuerth Sandcar with Oregon Motorsports 2000, Inc. mod, King Shocks 19" Front and 21" Rear travel

·5 Seat Rear Engine; GM Shortstar 3.5

·Mendeola 2D: by Mark's Sandtrans

Aaron Aaron


·2008 Rob Smith mid travel chassis, 15" Front and 14" Rear Travel

·2 seat; VW 2387cc built by Arneson Motor & Machine

·5 rib prymid tranny w/ close 3rd & 4th

·Fox Shocks by Marks Sand Trans, powder coat by STB Coating

Chad Chad


·2004 Al & Rob Smith 100in wheelbase w/ vw suspension

·Rear engine VW 2110cc w/ custom exhaust by Scott Schultz

·Swingaxle transmission w/ gene berg gears built by Import Trans

·Special thanks to Oregon Motorsports 2000 Inc.

Mark Mark


·2009 Extreme Performance ECO II 4 Seater; 20" Travel

·Rear Engine; 5.7 LS1 Stroked/CBM Heads 383ci (600hp)

·S4S Mendi, 934's

·PCI Intercom/Car to Car, Heated Seat, 19g Fuel Tank

Robert Robert


·Oregon Motorspotrs 2000, INC. Custome frame, 18" Travel

·Rear Engine; 350 SBC 425HP

·Mendi 2D Marks Sandtrans

·Powder Coat STB Coatings & In car comms

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